Can payment of the fees for the requests for documents/ records/reports/decisions and other information in the possession and/or custody of COA be done to the agency cashier rather than at the COA Regional Office?

Yes, payment for document requests can be made in the agency’s own cashier as provided for under Section 4.2.8b of COA Circular 2013-006, 4.2.8 Payment of reproduction and/or authentication fees shall be made at: b. The Cashier/Treasury of the auditees for documents/ records/reports/decisions or other information in the custody of the Audit Teams assigned thereat.”

The circular further enumerates the responsibilities of the agency as follows:

4.4.1 The Cashier of the Agency concerned shall receive payments of the requesting parties based on the Order of Payment issued therefor. The payment shall be receipted for the account or in trust for this Commission or its Regional Offices, as the case may be. The fees so collected shall be recorded in the books of the agency using the account prescribed in the New COA Chart of Accounts.

4.4.2. The agency concerned shall, at the end of every calendar year or at any time of the year it may deem convenient, remit the fees collected to the Treasury Services, General Services Office in the Central Office, or at the ATFS of the Regional Offices, through the SA or the ATL.”

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