How frequent should the agency appraise and dispose of unserviceable assets? To facilitate the volume of property, is it possible to do disposal of property quarterly? Can we dispose that equipment which were damaged by earthquakes acquired 2 years ago?

Disposal proceedings should be immediately initiated to avoid further deterioration of the property and consequent depreciation in its value. A systematic and timely disposal will yield benefits in terms of, among others, a higher appraised value and by enabling storage areas available for other purposes. Hence, there is no prescribed timing or period when to appraise government properties for disposal. The specific program for disposal with timetable is a management prerogative, as long as the supplies/properties have been determined as unserviceable pursuant to Sec. 79 of PD 1445. As soon as the agency’s properties are reported by users as defective, unserviceable or obsolete, these should be accounted for at the time they were reported as such or during the semi-annual inventory count, whichever is earlier, to avoid wastage and unnecessary consumption of storage space, subject to proper disposal procedures.

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