What are the remedies for the management for dormant receivables in the financial statement?

COA Circular No. 2016-005 provides Guidelines and Procedures on the Write-off of Dormant Receivable Accounts, Unliquidated Cash Advances, and Fund Transfer of National Government Agencies (NGAs), Local Government Units (LGUs) and Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs).

Likewise, liquidation of fund transfers to implementing entities is required under COA Circular No. 94-013 dated December 13, 1994 and those to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)/People’s Organizations (POs) under COA Circular No. 2007-001 dated October 25, 2007.

COA Circular No. 2012-004 dated November 28, 2012 was issued as a final notice and demand to all concerned accountable officers to settle and liquidate all cash advances outstanding as of December 31, 2011, on or before January 31, 2013.