What are the necessary supporting documents that the Source Agency must provide in case there is an Inter-Agency Transferred Fund?

The following documentary requirements are needed in relation to the transfer of funds from the Source Agency:

  1. Copy of MOA/Trust Agreement
  2. Copy of Approved Program of Work (for infrastructure project)
  3. Approved Project Expenditures or Estimated Expenses indicating the project objective and expected output (for other projects)
  4. For GOCCs, Board Resolution ratifying the MOA in case of transfers not incorporated in the Corporate Operating Budget and/or beyond the signing authority of the Agency Head
  5. For local government units (LGUs), as clarified under COA Memorandum No. 2010-014 dated April 22, 2010, authorization by local Sanggunian for the Local Chief Executive to enter into contract in case of the following:
    • In the case of a reenacted budget:
      • For new contracts entered into by the local chief executive for contractual obligations included in the previous year’s annual and supplemental budget
    • In the case of the regularly enacted budget:
      • For projects described in generic terms, such as infrastructure projects, inter-municipal waterworks, drainage and sewerage, flood control, irrigation system projects, reclamation projects, or roads and bridges
      • For purchase of goods and services which are neither specified nor encompassed within the regular personal services and maintenance operating expenses
  6. Certification by the Accountant that funds previously transferred to the Implementing Agency (IA) has been liquidated, post audited and accounted for in the books
  7. Copy of the OR issued by the IA to the Source Agency acknowledging receipt of funds transferred (for post-audit activities)

(Source: COA Circular 2012-001 dated June 14, 2012)

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