What are the requirements for filing a money claim?

The filing of a money claim must be accompanied by the following:

  • Petition for Review and attachments with the following contents:
    1. Preliminary Statement disclosing the personal circumstances or juridical personality of the petitioner and his/her address addresses where he/she may be served with summons/letters/orders of the Commission Proper/Commission Secretary;
    2. Statement/Narration of Facts constituting his cause of action;
    3. Citation of the law and jurisprudence upon which the petition is based;
    4. Relief sought;
    5. Petitioner’s or Counsel’s Signature;
    6. Verification; and
    7. Proof of Service to concerned respondent agency of the Government (personal receipt or registered mail).
  • Certified true copies of documents referred therein and other relevant supporting papers
  • Five (5) legible copies
  • Proof of payment of filing fees.
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