What are the requirements for the request for relief of property/money accountability?

The Accountable Officer should file the request for relief from property/ money accountability within 30 days from the occurrence of loss supported by the following necessary documents:

  • Notice of loss showing the exact date of filing (which filed immediately after the discovery of the loss) and receipt in the Office of the Auditor concerned;
  • Affidavit or Sworn Statement of the proper accountable officer on the facts and circumstances surrounding the said loss, supported by the Affidavit of two (2) disinterested persons who have personal knowledge of such fact of loss;
  • Investigation report of the management and proper government investigating agency (PNB, BFP, NBI, etc.);
  • Comment/ recommendation of the Agency Head
  • Memorandum Receipts/ Property Acknowledgement Receipt covering the properties subject of the request

If loss through fire, theft or robbery/hold-up, natural calamity and/or insurgency:

  • Authenticated pictures of the site;
  • Certification from Police/Fire Chief/Provincial Governor/Mayor or other competent authority as to the destruction; and
  • Certification on the actual occurrence of the event specifying therein the approximate or exact time of occurrence and the affected areas.
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