What is one time cleansing of PPE accounts?

One-time cleansing of PPE accounts is to address the perennial issue caused by the existence of enormous amounts of discrepancies in PPE account balances of government agencies.

COA Circular No. 2020-006 dated January 31, 2020 prescribes the guidelines and procedures on inventory taking, recognition of those found at station and disposition for non-existing/missing PPE items for the one-time cleansing of PPE accounts of government agencies to establish PPE balances that are verifiable as to existence, condition and accountability.

The Circular is issued for one-time cleansing of PPE account balances; thus, in no case shall the therein procedures be used to further derecognize non-existing/missing PPEs and/or cleanse subsequent discrepancies or unreconciled balances in PPE accounts.

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